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Financial support

Financial support

Sometimes you and/or your parents may encounter (temporary) financial troubles or you are not entitled to a study grant from the Flemish Community, the amount of the grant is insufficient to cover your study costs or you have to wait too long to receive the money. In these cases the Social Services' office may help you with (additional) financial support such as:

  • an advance on the study grant from the Flemish Community;
  • payment of the tuition fee in installments;
  • a study loan (only in exceptional cases);
  • a monthly allowance from the Social Services' office.

An advance on the study grant from the Flemish Community
As the calculation and the payment of the study grant can take several months, you can request up to maximum half of the amount of the study grant as an advance. The advance will be transferred to your bank account within one week after signing the agreement. Once the Department of Scholarships has finalized your request and has calculated the total amount, the advance will be deducted upon payment. The Flemish Community will reimburse us directly and you will receive the remaining amount of your study grant.

How do you request an advance? Download the document 'Request reduced tuition fee' that applies to your situation, fill it in, add the requested enclosures and make an appointment with a staff member of the Social Services' office.

Payment in installments of the tuition fee
If you have to pay the regular tuition fee and it is difficult to pay this amount at once, you can request a payment in installments at the Social Services' office. Send an e-mail to a staff member on your campus to request the staggered payment as soon as you have received your invoice at the beginning of the academic year. Do not wait too long as the period of staggering is limited. Once the term has passed, payment in installments is only possible in specific and exceptional cases.

A study loan from the Social Services' office
Are you short on your student budget? In exceptional cases and depending on the situation (e.g. your graduation time) you can request a study loan without interest. The reimbursement of the loan is according to a specific scheme during the academic year or after graduation. Contact a staff member for more information.

A (monthly) allowance from the Social Services' office
Difficult to make ends meet? A setback, additional study costs or high medical expenses? You want to rent a study room, but the rental price is too high? Due to the circumstances your parent(s) are not willing or able to support you financially and you are on your own? Your parents have a low income, are in a divorce, have unforeseen costs and you are not entitled to a study grant? You are not eligible for a cheap season ticket of the public transport and the cost is too expensive?

If all other options to pay your study costs have come to a dead end and you still do not have a solution, you can schedule an appointment with a staff member of the Social Services' office.

We will look into your situation together and help you with the request for a financial allowance. By means of a social investigation we will take into account your study and living costs, the income of your family (if applicable), the number of persons in the family and your study results. The result of this social investigation will be discussed at a Committee Study Financing who will decide upon the fact if an allowance can be granted or not.

Students who receive a study grant from the Flemish Community can also request this additional allowance from our service.

Note! If you are an international student and you do not have the Belgian nationality, specific rules apply as we expect international students to have a sufficient student budget before they decide to study and live abroad. Contact a staff member of the Social Services' office for more information.

General principles to be eligible for financial support

Download the request form applicable to your situation

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