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Study grant

The study grant is a financial support from the Flemish Community that you receive to pay for your study costs. If you are entitled to a study grant you can request the reduced tuition fee of € 110,80 (cf. Tuition fee).

You are eligible for a study grant of the Flemish Community if you fulfill the following 3 conditions at the same time:

  • nationality condition: you have the Belgian nationality on December 31st (of the academic year) OR you fulfill specific criteria if you have a foreign nationality;
  • conditions of study: you have to be registered with a diploma degree for at least 27 credits in a recognized study program and you have sufficient study financing credit;
  • financial conditions: the income of the family you belong to has to be under the maximum income border as set by the Department of Scholarships.

As the legislation of the Flemish Community concerning the study grants is much too detailed and complex to elaborate on, it is advisable to contact the Social Services' office for more information or you can check the information on the website Centen voor Studenten.

Advance on the study grant

As the calculation and the payment of the study grant can take up to several months, you can request up to maximum half of the amount of the study grant as an advance. The advance will be transferred to your bank account within one week after signing the agreement. Once the Department of Scholarships has finalized your request and has calculated the total amount, the advance will be deducted upon payment. The Flemish Community will reimburse us directly and you will receive the remaining amount of your study grant.

How do you request an advance? Download the document 'Request calculation reduced tuition fee' that applies to your situation, complete it, add the requested enclosures and make an appointment with a staff member of the Social Services' office.

Note! In some cases you may not be entitled to a study grant (anymore), but you can request the (partially) reduced tuition fee. Ask for more information at the Social Services' office.

Request a study grant form the Flemish Community

You can request a study grant for 2020-2021 as of August 1st, 2020. Deadline for the request is June 1st, 2021, however, we advise you not to wait until that time to request the study grant as the later you file the request, the later you will receive the money.

How can you request the study grant from the Flemish Community? As from the academic year 2020-2021 only online files will be accepted and it will be no longer possible to submit requests on paper. Surf to the website of the Department of Scholarships to initialize your file. You need an e-ID card reader and a Belgian ID card or the app 'Itsme' on your smartphone in order to proceed with the request online. Do not forget to print the confirmation of your request.

REMARK: download the 'Itsme' app on your smartphone in order to request your study grant from the Flemish Community. The Social Services' office staff can also help you with your request if you have already downloaded the app on your phone. More information on the Itsme app can be found on their website or in the leaflet.

Should you have questions about the study grant from the Flemish Community, the documents you have to add to the request or which statute you have? Come to the Social Services' office or make an appointment.