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If you graduate, either during the academic (February) or in June/September, you have different options. You can decide to start looking for a job (in Belgium if allowed depending on your residence permit), as an employee or as independent, or you can choose to continue your studies (in Belgium or abroad).

In case you did not yet find a job after your graduation and you decide to work in Belgium, you have to register as soon as possible at the VDAB, ACTIRIS or FOREM. You can check the procedure on their websites. If you register at the VDAB (only if you live in Flanders), this will start the ‘beroepsinschakelingstijd’ (= waiting time before you are entitled to an allowance) of 12 months. If you did not find a job during these 12 months and by that time you are still under 25, you will receive a ‘beroepsinschakelingsuitkering’ (= specific monthly allowance). Meanwhile you are supposed to keep looking for a suitable job.

If you are registered as job seeker, but you decide to continue to study later on, you can unregister without consequences.

If you have any detailed questions concerning your specific situation after your graduation or if you want more information in general about this matter, contact a staff member of the Social Services’ office on your campus.