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Riv4l College League: e-games


Published on 26/10/2018
Riv4l College League: e-games

“Defend our school’s honour in the RIV4L College League.

Starting today you are able to defend our school’s honour in the new RIV4L College League, where you, together with a number of other schools, will show we have the best gaming students.

Are you good in FIFA 19, League of Legends or Hearthstone, then you should sign up as fast as possible for the online qualifications. Can you make it all the way to the final, then you can defend the honour, colours and name of our school at the grand offline final! No less than ten schools will take part in the first season of the RIV4L College League: PHEC, UCL, ULB, UGent, HoGent, HoWest, KUL, VIVES, UCLL, Odisee.

Only one school per game can be the best, so we really need your help to take that top spot. So train your reflexes, improve your reaction time, crack your knuckles, practice even more and bring that trophy back to our school.

You’re not a gamer, but you are a fan? Not a problem, because you can follow all the matches live on online streaming platform Twitch and you can show your real-life support during the league and offline finals.

Sign up now and defend your school!