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​As a student looking for a laptop?


Published on 01/12/2020
​As a student looking for a laptop?

As a student looking for a laptop? ONLY FOR ODISEE STUDENTS

In addition to the existing purchase formula offered by Odisee via its partner Signpost, a limited number of devices are now also offered via rent-buy formula for 1st and 2nd year students!

Through the Signpost rental model, every 1st or 2nd year student can have a new laptop at their disposal by paying a small contribution per month.

This way you as a student can spread your payment and at the end of the rental period you become the owner of the device!

In addition, the device is equipped with an extensive 3-year warranty:

Next working-day on site, at intervention, also during vacation periods!

This way you will never be without a laptop during your studies or exams!

Be sure to check if your studies are eligible for this rent-buy formula:

Laptop rent-buy via Signpost?

More info via this link:

Want to buy Laptop from Signpost?

More info via this link:

General info can still be found on our Odisee page:

If it is difficult to pay the rent-buy formula,please feel free to contact our social services.