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Creative with streetart


13/11/2020 12:00
tot 10/12/2020 23:00


Creative with streetart

Don’t forget your offline time!

Stuvo+ wants you to go outside. Streetart can be found everywhere, even in our own small country. Pick a streetart tour & discover local art. Or maybe you know the location of a cool street art piece in your area? Pick your favourite piece of art and get creative with images. You can pick photography as a medium, but you can also create something of your own by drawing, painting, making a collage … Decide what you like best!

As an inspiration you can find some streetart tours in Belgium below:

Streetart tour Sint-Niklaas: more info * map
Streetart tours Brussels: more info
Streetart tours Ghent: more info
Streetart tour Aalst: more info * map
Streetart tours Antwerp: more info
Streetart tour Oostende: more info
Streetart tour Hasselt: more info

E-mail a picture of your creation to (deadline: 10/12)

Afterwards we’ll organise an online voting, running untill Tuesday 15/12. We’ll announce the winner after that.

What’s in it for you?

Apart from some offline time (catching some fresh air, getting creative), we will give a voucher of your choice (value of €100) to the participant that has the most votes.