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Education ombuds

Education Ombuds Service

Any problems presenting themselves during the teaching weeks should be reported to the Education Ombuds. It is their task to listen to you and solve problems that pose themselves during class or when dealing with the professor. Unless otherwise indicated, the Education Ombuds Service and the Exam Ombuds Service are one and the same.

  • in case of small problems (professor doesn't speak up, fails to put slide presentation on Toledo, etc) at first always try to solve the problem yourselves by talking or mailing to the professor. If this fails or the problem is too serious or sensitive, then go to the Ombuds Service. In case of unwanted behaviour by the professor go directly to the trusted representative of the students at your campus.
  • in case of force majeure for classes where your presence is mandatory, for tests, for presentations, ... always contact the person/the professor responsible, as stipulated by the programme/the professor itself. The professor may ask you to prove the legitemy of your absence (doctors note, ...). In case of a serious situation and a longterm impact or in case of a conflict with your teacher concerning your absence, please contact the Ombuds Service.

Students who can not attend a (mandatory) teaching activity or test because it takes place on a religious holiday recognised by KU Leuven / Odisee need to submit their request to the ombuds service.


The members of the Ombuds Service at campus Brussel are located on the first floor of the T'Serclaes building.


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