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Exam ombuds KU Leuven campus Brussels

Exam Ombuds Service

The Exam Ombuds Service deals with any problems during the exams.

For instance:

  • when you cannot take one or more exams due to force majeure or another serious situation
  • when you think you are going to be late for an exam
  • when you have a legitimate complaint about an exam
  • when you want to lodge an objection against an exam decision
  • when you accused of fraud or plagiarism
  • when your exam takes place on a religious holiday recognised by KU Leuven / Odisee

Then contact the Ombuds Service at your campus as soon as possible.



Special circumstances and force majeure (e.g. illness, accident, ...) can only be reported in person or by phone - NOT via voice mail or text message - and in any case before the exam takes place. Please also carefully read the info sheet on the Exam Ombuds Service.

You can reach the Exam Ombuds Service

during the summer holidays (July 11th till August 16th)

  • closed from July 11th till August 11th
  • from August 12th till 14th you can call us - only for urgencies - and between 10am and 4pm on 02-210 13 19

during the exam period

    • on weekdays (from the first day of exams):
      • from 8am till 7pm
      • tel. 02-210 13 19
    • during the weekend :
      • Saturday: from 8.30am till 5.30pm
      • Sunday: from 8.30am till 1.30pm
      • mobile 0470-90 43 89
      • only for exams on Saturday or Sunday
    • in case of technical problems with online exams:
      • first read the instructions of your faculty;
      • if the problem persists:
        • contact the helpdesk ICT (from Belgium: 0800 20 017, from abroad: +32 53 72 71 53)

Members of the Exam Ombuds Service are: Leen De Wolf, Maarten Kindt, Marc Ophalvens and Astrid Peeters