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Student rooms in Brussels

If you decide to study abroad, your first and probably main concern is to find a suitable place to live. As it is not always obvious how, where and when to start your search for student accommodation in an unknown city or country, the Social Services’ office can give you useful advice and information and refer you to housing organizations.

Before you get started, it is important to know that there are different types of accommodation on the private market, depending on your needs and wanted comfort.

Student rooms (“Kot”)
Most students in Belgium normally rent a room in a student house shared with a number of other students (5-15), depending on the size of the house. Rooms are usually for one person and are in most cases furnished. The average size of a room is 12 to 15m². Bed linen, towels, kitchen utensils and, in some cases, a mattress are not provided. Each room has a private sink, but showers, toilets and the kitchen are shared. Access to internet is available.
Rooms are usually rented for 12 months and the rental term starts in September. The average rental price per month in Brussels' city center is € 460 (utility costs and internet included) for a standard student room, depending on the size, comfort and location of the room.
The rental price for a shorter period than 12 months (e.g. a semester) is usually higher. Therefore, if you stay for 1 semester or for a few months, it is often cheaper to rent a double room.

Studio or flat
Studios are one-room flats with a private bathroom and a small basic kitchen (= kitchenette). Studios are usually furnished, but bed linen, towels, kitchen utensils and in some cases a mattress are not available. The average size of a studio varies between 18 to 20m². Some larger studios may be suitable for two students, but most of them are for one person only. The average rental price per month is approximately € 500 (for one person) up to € 600 (for two persons) (utility costs and internet included). The rental term is also 12 months and starts in September.

Apartments are suitable for couples and students who are willing to share their accommodation. This is not a common practice in Belgium as most students rent a student room or studio. In addition to a bathroom and a kitchenette, apartments also have a living room and at least one separate bedroom. Furniture is in most cases not provided although if you look thoroughly you can find furnished apartments, but these are more expensive.

There is a wide variety of student accommodation available in Brussels. Decide beforehand what type of comfort you want and in which area you want to look for accommodation. Prices for student accommodation depend on the size, comfort and location.

If you have questions concerning your search for suitable accommodation, contact the staff member of STUVO+ for detailed information, tips and tricks.

Marieke Steurs

Marieke Steurs

Campus Brussel
Social Services, Mobility, Housing,
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Marieke's office is located on the 1st floor of campus Brussel-T'Serclaes.

You can request an appointment for any weekday - except Monday - untill 2pm.

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