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Sessions study skills

Individual coaching

Professional programmes (Odisee)

Possibly, your first year at college may be tougher than you anticipated: making summaries, getting behind those books, preparing for tests, the exams, ...

Student counselors can help you to study more efficiently: drawing up a study schedule, concentrating, giving structure to your courses, schematizing, memorizing, making notes, questioning, ... During one or more conversations they try to determine your study behavior and make suggestions for improvement. Often a few tips and some coaching will get you started in the right direction.

Student counselors can also assist you with problematical procrastination.

You can drop in at any time for information, a conversation or to make an appointment.

Sessions study-skills

Professional programmes (Odisee)

Each semester, the student counselors-psychologists from STUVO+ organize sessions in study-skills, like drawing up an efficient study plan, active studying and how to prepare best for the exams.

All the dates on which these session take place, can be found in our calendar. The same session often takes place on several dates.

These sessions are for free. Advance registration is not necessary.

Improve your study plan and learn more effectively

This session will provide you with concrete advice on a healthy mix between studying and free time, how to make your study plan work, the do's and dont's and the pitfalls. Next to this, you will receive guidelines on what includes a good study method in higher education.

Prepare yourself for the exams

In this one hour session you will receive concrete advice on drawing up an efficient learning plan and the different forms of examination. We will also shortly discuss the merits of a healthy lifestyle during this exhausting period.

Academic programmes (KU Leuven)

Students of KU Leuven can participate in workshops and training sessions at the different campuses of KU Leuven.