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Study and exam places

Study places campus Brussels

Campus Brussels Library

Campus Brussels Library offers several study and pc-workplaces.

These places must be reserved and are available during the opening hours of the library.
If you want to be sure of your place, make your reservation in advance!

Extra study places

UPDATE new corona measures dd 25/03/2021: as a result of the new corona measures we can no longer accept reservation requests for group assignments.

Studying and following classes in Corona times is a challenge.

You don't have a suitable place to study or attend classes at home or in a dorm room? At our Corona proof study workstations you can study or attend online classes. You always need to book these places, preferably a couple of days beforehand. Please e-mail our colleague Britt to book a spot.

What exactly should you indicate in your application via e-mail?

  • Why you need this place,
  • Day and time you need this place,
  • Your student number,
  • And/or whether you have your own laptop.

Britt will bundle your requests and schedule them. ATTENTION: your place will only be allocated after you have received a confirmation email.

Oral or written exam on campus

Do you have an oral or written (online) exam and you are not able to take this exam at home. Please contact Britt.

She will assign you a room where you can take your exam. This as long as there is space on campus.

Exactly what do you indicate with your request via email:

  • Why you need this space,
  • for which subject and with which teacher,
  • the day and the hours,
  • and/or if you own a laptop/cam.


Thanks to our cooperation Brik, the service desk for Brussels students, we offer some Study Spaces in Brussels. Here you can study in peace and quiet.

However, the places are limited due to the corona measures. We are therefore happy to allocate the places to students who really need them.

Surf to the Brik website to find out where there are still places available.

If you want to book a room to take an exam, you can send an e-mail to These classrooms have a strong internet connection, but of course you need to bring your own laptop.

We wish you from Brik and STUVO+ lots of success in the coming weeks.

Study and exam places via Muntpunt

Muntpunt also provides still places. You can book a place via Bookaplace, the places are limited due to the corona measures.

Summary study places in Flanders and Brussels

If you are looking for an summary of external study places in Flanders and Brussels, please visit (Dutch only).