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Online escaperoom


17/03/2021 20:00
tot 30/06/2021 23:00


Online escaperoom

To soften the lockdown (a bit), Stuvoplus is giving you a free online escaperoom challenge. Crack the code in a team of 4 students!

About the game

An Artificial Intelligence is trying to take over the power. In our communication to the civilians, we told them everything is under controll. But that's far from the truth. Next to a couple of vague messages and cryptical images we know nothing. Your team can save the world!

How to participate

  • Form a team of 4 students. Four players is the minimum to create a team!
  • Mail your teamname, names of the players + e-mailadresses, campus & education to

  • She will create a team for you. You will receive an e-mail with a logincode and the link to start the game. Choose a time to play the game. You'll need about 90 minutes to solve it.

    Read through the information on the first page and start the game. You can do this by watching the video and click on "start game".
    You'll first see a demo-challenge. When all players have solved the demo, the teamleader can start the real challenge.

    Your team picks a time to play. You can play the game untill 30/06/2021.

    Nice to know

    The first player that's created, is the teamleader. You can change this in the game.
    The names that are entered when creating the team, are the names you'll see in the game. You can give nicknames if you prefer this.
    You can play the game with a maximum of 7 students, but some players will have nothing to do at certain points in the game. A team of 4 is the best option.

    You can't find a team, but still want to play?

    Send Annick an e-mail as well. When 4 individual players have registered, she can create a team with them. Inform her on your campus and education, so Annick can create a team with fellow students, if possible.