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Info fair


Published on 11/09/2020
Info fair

Because - exceptionally this academic year - there will be no info fair on the campus, please find below information and video by our external partners.


Brik is the service desk for students in Brussels. We take care of the students together with the Dutch-speaking Universities of Applied Sciences (and Arts) and Universities. You can contact us for accommodation, mobility, city life and events.

A Fonds

À Fonds supports Brussels projects organised for and by young people. Each project that meets the requirements can qualify for an amount of up to 3000 euro.

Sports in Brussels is the website for sporty Brussels people. Here you’ll find the latest news and information on Dutch spoken sports activities: group classes, sports organisations, sports training courses…


Managing your health in Belgium. Partena Expats guides you through the complex healthcare system and helps you to choose the right plan that meets your needs. Partena Expats is here for you, to help you register to the health insurance and to reimburse your medical costs.


The Student@work website provides information about working as a student. Who is a working student? How many hours can you work as a student? What does it mean for your pay, child benefits or taxes to work as a student? This site gives you the answers - or helps you to find them.

Community Help Service

CHS has been supporting the international community of Belgian community regardless of their nationality or circumstances since 1971. No-one should feel that they are alone - help is only a telephone call away: 02 647 67 80 or 02 648 40 14