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Mijn financiële impact

Impact on my finances

We realise that the Corona crisis can have an impact on your financial situation. Below we will try to answer some questions concerning any financial thresholds you may encounter now or in the near future.

Important: students must meet the nationality requirements and be eligible for a study grant from the Flemish Community. Only in specific and exceptional cases 'emergency financial aid' may be requested

1) I work with a student contract and my company has been closed due to the Corona crisis. This is a financial disaster. What are my rights as a student-employee?

The sectors are looking into whether temporary unemployment due to force majeure may be a possibility. Talk to your employer to discuss the various possibilities: can you carry out another assignment or task within the organization where you currently work? It is only as a last resort that temporary unemployment due to force majeure can be invoked. Turn to the trade union to see if you are entitled to unemployment benefit. If you are not yet a member of a trade union and you want more information or you do not wish to join one, contact the 'hulpkas voor werkloosheidsuitkeringen/HVW or CAPAC' (unemployment office, website in Dutch and French only) to check what other possibilities you may have. However, students can join a union free of charge.

In case your contract is terminated or in case of temporary unemployment and loss of income the social services' office can review your social file for financial aid for your study costs with 1 month's income on € 0 (if you apply for a review via Afterwards, in case your financial situation remains unchanged, you can submit the request again after 1 month if the crisis persists. By that time, you will also know whether or not you will be entitled to unemployment benefit via your trade union and/or the HVW/CAPAC. KU Leuven students can apply for the revision via

If you didn't already start up a social file, you can find all the information to start it up at

2) I am on an exchange (Erasmus or other) and I am expelled from the country. I did not receive my Erasmus grant and/or generic scholarship and/or have difficulty paying my return travel expenses and/or this was quite a bite out of my budget and my parents have difficulty paying these costs or do not support me financially.

If you or your parents find it difficult to or cannot bear the costs of travelling back home, you can apply for an intervention in your study costs from the university or the university college and contact the international office. The Social Services' office will then consider on the basis of a social file whether they can intervene in your study costs. Students can always email or We will look into your situation and will try to find a solution for your financial problem.

3) I have to print much more at home now that the courses are fully digital. Is it possible to apply for an financial intervention for the purchase of ink cartridges, given their high cost price? Can I ask for additional financial support during this exceptional situation?

We cannot intervene specifically for the purchase of ink cartridges. However, we can check whether there is a shortage in your of in the family budget. This is determined on the basis of your parents' and/or your monthly income and expenses as well as the study costs for this academic year (including the study grant from the Flemish Community and the income side of your student budget). Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for a financial support at or We will check with the university or university college whether we can intervene in these study costs.

4) When do I qualify for emergency aid?

You are eligible for emergency aid if you do not meet the nationality requirements to be eligible for a study grant from the Flemish government but when a student is in an emergency situation in Belgium that is temporary and could not be foreseen from abroad and of which he is not to blame.