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Online sessions fear of failure


Everyone in a while gets nervous right before an important or difficult task, but if ...

  • you panick before an exam, internship or assignment?
  • you cannot stop thinking about your homework or you run away from it?
  • things go wrong at your internship despite having prepared yourself: feeble knees, stuttering, having doubts?
  • you lose contact with yourself, your pupils, your patients or your clients when there's 'control' involved?
  • you get nervous at the feedback session, you get defensive, you deny there's a problem, you don't know what to say and moreover you obtain a low grade resulting in more fear at the next step?
  • your fear prevents you from studying or speaking at the exam?

then you might benefit from a workshop 'Fear of failure' or 'Relaxation', given by one of our student counselors. During the relaxation workshop we teach you some relaxation techniques. During the fear of failure-workshop we offer you someting to hold on to in order to control your fear of failure.

Recording online session

Session 'How to get rid of your fear of failure'