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Personal problems

Personal problems

Your student days should be the happiest of your life. But sometimes things happen that (seriously) affect your study progress.

Study related problems

You're troubled by fear of failure or exam stress, you're not sure whether you can manage your studies, you procrastinate, you don't know how to handle things, you doubt whether you made the right study choice, ...

Personal or relationship problems

You're in conflict with your girlfriend/boyfriend/parents, you're lonely, you don't know whether you're straight, bi or gay/lesbian, you've had enough of your life, you're shy, you're feeling bad, you're using too much alcohol or drugs, you fear you're pregnant, you're ill, ...

Talk about it

You can call at the STUVO+-student psychologists at any time. They will listen and discuss your situation, offer advice, ... privately and discreetly. And for free.

Someone to talk to

You best make an appointment with the psychosocial member of staff from STUVO+, by dropping by, by phone or by mail.

Making an appointment ensures you that you get sufficient time to tell your story. In the first conversation we will discuss your situation. Afterwards we will decide together how to approach the problem.

There are several possibilities:

  • short term individual counseling on campus
  • workshops and group trainings
  • referring to a external therapist or centre


Chris Bourgeois - Lien Van den Brande