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Registration student activities Aalst

Registration student activities

Would you like to organize an activity as a student this academic year? We are here to support you.
Because of COVID-19, also as a student organizing an activity will require more attention and care, but together we will make sure that student life can continue in a safe way.

Registration on campus activity: you need permission from the educational institution / campus.
decision can only be made after a complete registration of an activity. Do not hesitate to contact your campus contact to check your idea or plan of approach. They are well aware of the applicable procedures.

Registration off campus activity: this is merely a registration with STUVO+. We do not make a decision whether your activity can be organized. Follow the rules of local authorities, police, owner… (eg. apply for an event at city services...)
We do ask you to register these activities with STUVO + so that we are informed.

What to do

1. Consult the information an documents below:
Corona measures for student activities in higher education
and activity matrix, flowchart activities and support documents.

2. Be sure to check the necessary government sector protocols that we refer to in the activity matrix and support documents.

3. Do your registration only after you have gone through all the information and can possibly upload a favorable CERM advice if applicable.

Do you have any questions before registering? Be sure to contact STUVO + on your campus. You can find the contact persons in the support documents.

Information and support documents

All information below (corona measures student activities higher education Flemish government, support documents...) will be regularly evaluated and adjusted if necessary. Always consult the most recent version online!

Make your registration below. After a correct and complete registration you will receive an answer as soon as possible.


  • The registration of an on campus activity is not a request for practical questions needed for this activity! (eg. material, classroom, ICT, catering ...)
    After approval of your activity, you can make the necessary internal agreements on your campus.
    Make sure to register on time (better way too early than just on time!), so you have enough time to make the necessary organizational and practical arrangements.
  • Would you like to request support from STUVO + for your activity? Check the possibilities for "events for students by students".
  • Are you doing a small-scale, fun activity with some fellow students? Read here how we can support you.

Registratie studentenactiviteiten Aalst 20-21

Name Student*
Educational institution*
Year and study program*
Mobile phone*
Name recognized accosiation (if applicable)
Name activity*
Activity type (see activity matrix)*
Date activity*
Description activity*
Max. amount of participants*
Extra information location*
Upload here a favorable CERM advice if applicable*
To be read and ticked for valid registration*