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Coaching session: Female Diversity & entrepreneurship against all odds


19/02/2020 18:45
tot 19/02/2020 21:15
Stormstraat 2, Brussel, België
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Coaching session: Female Diversity & entrepreneurship against all odds

(Free coaching session!)

⚡️Who is Hadisa Suleyman?

Hadisa knows the struggles of entrepreneurship and when all the odds are against you. Growing up as a teenager she had a hard time finding her way. Having experiences many ups and downs she was eager to make something of her life. Even if many people thought she wouldn't be able to.

Now Hadisa is one of Ghent's top notch real estate agent with her own company Estate Of Mind estate agents. She fiercly believes in no matter where you come from, what your name is, what your religion is or whatever anything else, everyone has and should be able to dream.

As a #SheDIDIT-coach she'll be sharing her story of her entrepreneurship: the odds against her, the bad and the ugly and most importantly the many lessons she has learned and is now sharing it with others.

⚡️The full session will be held in English. A bite to eat and drink will be made available. The location is easily accessible via public transport (station Brussel-Central). There is parking space around the location. Did we spark your (entrepreneurial) interest? Register now! May the odds be forever in your favor from now on.

⚡️ #SheDIDIT is all about making the diversity in womenpreneurship and female goalchasers visible. With the focus on women with divers roots, #SheDIDIT aspires to show the reality behind entrepreneurs. The colors, the ethnicities, the backgrounds, the stories,.. everything to showcase the inspiring stories that not many people know.

#SheDIDIT frequently hosts Coaching sessions in which a group of women come together to be inspired, to learn from their coach and be put to work and apply the learned lessons in their own life / entrepreneurial journey. It's all about sharing the stories and sharing skills to help other women grow! Will you be joining us with Hadisa Suleyman?

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This event will take place at the Foyer (Hermes - 2nd floor) and will be moderated by our student union Corporate Women Association


18:45 - 19:00
19:00 - 20:00
Part I: the importance of diversity in female entrepreneurship + the story and odds of Hadisa Suleyman

20:00 - 21:00
Part II: let’s fix the odds against you with Hadisa Suleyman (interactive part)
21:00 - 21:15
The end