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Studying with a disability (Odisee)

Studying with a disability

You have a visual, hearing, motor skills or other impairment (dyslexia, ADD, autism, ...) or a chronic disease? At STUVO+ we support you to maximize your succes by offering you certain accommodations.

Contact a STUVO+-member of staff to discuss the possibilities. They will put together a file, together with the necessary certificates (provided by you), and will coach you from registration till graduation. You can also ask them about external coaching options provided by the Department of Education, e.g. interpreters for the deaf. Students with dyslexia can get more information on supportive software (Sprint or Kurzweil).

Accommodations for students with a disability

For who?

Accommodations can be offered to students with:

  • a learning disorder (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia);
  • a long-term physical or psychological illness/disorder;
  • a concentration disorder (ADD, ADHD);
  • an autism spectrum disorder;
  • a hearing, visual or motor skills impairment

Don't hesitate to contact the disability officer if you're wondering whether you're eligible. He/she will provide you wilth all the information you need.

Accommodations that meet your specific needs: during class and during exams

Together we will look at which accommodations (during class and/or exams) are useful and reasonable. You're not automatically entitled to accommodations. They're offered in coordination with the program.


When do you contact us?

If you think you're eligible for accommodations (during class and/or during exams) because of an impairment/disorder, please contact the disability officer before October 15th (for the 1st semester) or before March 21st (for the 2nd semester).

Students with a learning disorder (dyslexia/dyscalculia) need to contact the disability officer before October 10th, in case you need to be re-tested.

In some cases you may want to contact us before you register, for example:

  • when you need specific care;
  • when it's necessary to change the infrastructure of the campus;
  • when it's necessary to change the teaching materials;
  • when you expect to be unable to take part in some activities within the curriculum;
  • when you have questions about the feasibility of your learning path.

Necessary documents

The disability officer will create a file for you for which you need to provide the following documents:

  • a completed request form;
  • a certificate from an expert (attending physician, occupational therapist, psychiatrist, ...)

Please contact your disability officer to find out which certificates are needed.

All personal information is treated with the utmost confidence. The disability officers will not disclose any personal information to a third party without your explicit consent.

The disability coach

The disability coach offers individual coaching. During regular coaching sessions he/she will focus on strengthening your study skills and follow-up and promote your social-emotional well-being.

This individual coaching can be used for several aspects of your student's life:

  • introduction: to teachers, fellow students and/or internship;
  • study skills: study method, study planning and organization, problem-solving ability, self-management, ...
  • social-emotional well-being: finding your way in higher education, student and dorm life, feeling great in a new environment, self-confidence, placing events in the right context, ...
  • communication: contacting lecturers and fellow students, asking for help, raising obstacles, taking initiative, ...
  • psychoeducation: insight into one's own possibilities and limitations, ...

Inloopuren inclusiecoach

Tijdens de inloopuren kun je als student met dyslexie, ADHD, ASS, auditieve, visuele of fysieke beperking,… contact opnemen wanneer je vragen hebt op het vlak van studievaardigheden, sociaal emotioneel welbevinden, compenserende software, mobiliteit, communicatie, wegwijs in het hoger onderwijs,...

  • Inloopuren inclusiecoach (2e semester 20-21):
    Vanaf vrijdag 05/02/20201 t.e.m. 28/05/2021 van 11u30 - 12u30 via MSTeams (face to face of via chat).
    Voor een ander moment maak je een afspraak via mail

Voor een vertrouwelijk gesprek of een complexere vraag maak je liefst een afspraak via mail ( of telefoon (053/41.28.60).

Important information: inclusive examination facilities

As part of a broad basic care, 6 examination facilities are guaranteed for each student:

  • extra time (1/3) for a written exam
  • Extra preparation time for oral exams. This does not apply to practical exams without preparation time.
  • Reading out exam questions
  • The language will only be taken into account in the evaluation when correct language use (including correct spelling) is included in the ECTS sheet of the OPO.
  • Using a simple pocket calculator for basic operations (unless this is a core objective of the OPO)
  • Permission to eat and drink something small on the exam (e.g. dextrose, small dry snack).
These facilities may be sufficient for you to overcome any difficulties and you do not need to apply for a special status.
If you are in need of extra facilities or support (e.g. taking exams with reading software, enlarging exam copy, spreading the exam, taking exams (partly) orally, taking exams in a separate room, certain educational facilities such as postponing certain deadlines, consultation with the internship coordinator, ...), be sure to make an appointment with the care coordinator to review this together.

Karen De Leenheer

Campus Aalst
09 265 86 10

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Sigrid De Witte

Sigrid De Witte

Campus Aalst
Student counseling, Care coach,
+32 53 72 71 70

  • Inclusiecoach: alle opleidingen
  • Psychosociale begeleiding: alle opleidingen

Voor psychosociale begeleiding: mail
Bureau 2Z36
Een afspraak is pas definitief na per...

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Lien Van den Brande

Lien Van den Brande

Campus Aalst
Student counseling, Ombuds,
+32 53 72 71 70

  • Psychosociale begeleiding: alle opleidingen
  • Ombuds: alle opleidingen
  • Zorgcoördinatie: bedrijfsmanagement, office management, graduaat onderwijs (SLO en educatief graduaat secundair onderwijs)
  • Vertrou...

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Chris Bourgeois

Chris Bourgeois

Campus Aalst
Student counseling, Ombuds,
+32 53 72 71 70

  • Psychosociale begeleiding: alle opleidingen
  • Ombuds: alle opleidingen
  • Zorgcoördinatie: kleuter- en lager onderwijs
  • Vertrouwenspersoon studenten

Voor psychosociale begeleiding: mail studentenbegeleidinga...

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